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A Brief History and discussion
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I have still have to do the research on Crown Crystal Glass Co. Ltd. (Australia).
First hand (without Plagiarism) information is not easy to obtain.

  Australian Crystal Glass Limited was established in 1915 in Wyndham Street, Alexandria, NSW. From 1922 to April 1926 the company became 'Crystal Glass Ltd'. In 1926 they amalgamated with Australian Glass Manufacturer's - Crown Glass Works and became known as The Crown Crystal Glass Works Co. Ltd .
Description: D:\Documents\WEBS\JuicerCollector-2007\Juicers\Images_2\Crown_Bullet.jpg It is of interest that glass items produced by Crown Crystal Glass are referred to as depression glass. Although, I will add here, that there are a significant number of online sellers that refer to all second hand glass as depression glass. It is the ignorance and greed of these sellers that confuse the market. That said, it is interesting to see online listings that do not mention the 'depression' period and yet they show up in searches for depression glass, and hence, in many cases it the selling website rather than the seller that is spreading this misunderstanding.
Crown Crystal Glass Co. Ltd. (Australia) definitely produced and sold 'depression glass' when it started in 1929. However, many of these items were produced and sold right upto the changes in the company in the mid 1960s saw them move into different areas. A glass juicer produced in 1965 is not depression glass. It is, however, definitely pressed glass, a process that basically remained the same throughout the production period.
Crown Crystal Glass Co. Ltd. (Australia) produced a range of products including, but not limited to;
  *  Pressed glass household items. This included clear glass, coloured class, carnival (or iridescent) glass, etc. In later years it also included glazed (fired on) coloured glass.
  *  Grimade "Hand Made and Hand Cut Crystal"
  *  Wyhdham "Hand Made and Hand Cut Crystal"
  *  Lighting, including oil lamps, light shades, etc. I was told that Crown Crystal outsourced the manufacture of hand made light shades to a Newcastle (Australia) company¬†
  *  Industrial items such as electrical insulators, science laboratory items, etc.
  *  They still continue as Crown Commercial Pty Ltd producing commercial glass ware.
Description: D:\Documents\WEBS\JuicerCollector-2007\Juicers\Images_2\Crown_Bullet.jpg Another area of interest is uranium glass. Uranium glass which uses uranium oxide to derive the unique green colour is also referred to vaseline glass (as well as many other terms that are misused). In Australia the use of uranium dioxide, which was always expensive, ceased in 1945(?) due to the war effort. When glass containing uranium dioxide is exposed to UV light the glass turns a bright florescent green. However, Crown Crystal Glass experimented with other additives such as manganese to create the required green colour. While they both glow under UV light when manganese is added the glow is a lime green colour that is much fainter.

Description: D:\Documents\WEBS\JuicerCollector-2007\Juicers\Images_2\Crown_Bullet.jpg Crown Crystal Glass Co. Ltd. (Australia), as a result of amalgamations and merging, plus a national profile had several factories, offices and agents. Some of these, of course, changed during their many trading years.
  Head Office and Showrooms: 1930s Dowling St., Waterloo, Sydney, NSW
    1950s 52 - 58 William St Sydney
  Factories: New South Wales Bourke St., Waterloo and Wyndham St., Alexandria
    South Australia  
    Western Australia  
    New Zealand  
  Interstate Offices:    
    Victoria Agents: Australian Glass Manufrs. Co. Ltd., 428-434 Spencer Street, Melbourne.
    South Australia Agents: Crown Crystal Glass Co. Ltd., Worando Buildings, Grenfell St., Adelaide.
    Queensland Agent: Mr. R. J. Norris,Campbell's Building, Creek St., Brisbane.
    West Australia Agents: Crown Crystal Glass Co. Ltd., Munster House, Murray Street, Perth
    New Zealand  

Description: D:\Documents\WEBS\JuicerCollector-2007\Juicers\Images_2\Crown_Bullet.jpg I have sighted a sticker on an Agee Pyrex bowl "MADE BY CROWN CRYSTAL GLASS IN CHRISTCHURCH N.Z USING AUSTRALIAN MOULDS BRANDED "MADE IN AUSTRALIA". I assume the sticker was added so that buyers in New Zealand would know they were buying a local product. There is a juicer that I believe can be reasonably attributed to Crown Crystal Glass New Zealand as this is where the colour varieties are found, including, white milk glass and red glazed (or powder coated). I have never seen a coloured version listed or being sold in Australia
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Description: D:\Documents\WEBS\JuicerCollector-2007\Juicers\Images_2\Crown_Bullet.jpg I have a downloaded copy of the "Crown Crystal Glassware" (August 1932) catalogue which lists "No. 898.-1 pint Graduated Measure" (a jug) on a page with the footnote "MANUFACTURED BY CROWN CRYSTAL GLASS CO. LTD."
The problem for me is that it is identical to jugs produced by USA glass maker Hazel Atlas Glass Co. and similar to Anchor Hocking Glass Co.
By identical I mean, not just the shape, foot and handle, even the measurements in the illustration in the catalogue are US measurements, that is, 1 pint = 16 ounces rather than the Australian 1 pint = 20 ounces.
The jug shape, with measurements, was patented in the USA in 1928 by V. V. Loomis, although to be accurate the patent I sighted included an inner ledge to sit a juicer insert.
I am aware of other glassware that was manufactured by Crown Crystal Glass that is the same as glass produced in the USA. Perhaps it was a licenced use of the shapes.
Hopefully I will see examples sold in Australia and compare them with those in the collection that came from the USA.
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Advertising, catalogues, etc.
Description: D:\Documents\WEBS\JuicerCollector-2007\Juicers\Images_2\Crown_Bullet.jpg The advertisement on the right is from the May 1934 Anthony Horderns' Mail Order Catalogue.
The Large Orange Squeezer mentioned is Old_Juicers_109.htm.
The Lemon Squeezer mentioned isOld_Juicers_111.htm
Crown Crystal Australia clear glass juicer 1934 advertisemen


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