Tear drop handle ribbed glass juicer


Material Glass - clear
Diameter 155 mm
Length 200 mm
Height 80 mm
Weight 578 g
Maker See below.
Mary Walker No. N-355
Notes Somewhat similar to the Anchor Hocking Glass Company Old_Juicers_1302.htm and the Federal Glass Company juicer Old_Juicers_532.htm
Reference materials do not identify the manufacturer of this juicer. I believe this juicer may have been made in New Zealand. I base this belief on the colour varieties seen in New Zealand, including, white milk glass and glazed colours (fired on, powder coated) including red, orange and pale green. If made in New Zealand the Crown Crystal Glass is the most likely manufacturer. If not made in New Zealand then New Zealand clearly was a major market.

Clear glass juicer with tear drop handle top view

Clear glass juicer showing tear drop handle