Crown Crystal Australia clear Glass Juicer
Description A saucer shaped clear glass juicer. The bowl is surrounded with groups of 4 vertical lines.
Material Glass - clear
Diameter 133mm
Length 155mm (includes handle)
Height 68mm
Weight 330g - 350g
Maker Crown Crystal Glass Co. Ltd. (Australia)
Mary Walker No.



These juicers were designed to sit on top of a 1 pint jug.
There are many varieties of this juicer. These juicers may include mould numbers. The glass the pip collectors sit on is flat. 

Known numbers for clear glass: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12,  (i.e. These are the different numbers that I have in my collection.)

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Available in a variety of colours: Including clear, green, flint, amber, pink

Also see: Crown Crystal Glass Co. Ltd. (Australia)

Available in a variety of sizes/weights: 

This juicer has a small reamer cone.

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Crown Crystal Australia clear glass juicer on matching jug