Crown Crystal Australia Green Glass Juicer


Material Glass - Green (Uranium glass)
Diameter 133 mm
Height 72 mm
Weight 330g
Maker Crown Crystal Glass Co. Ltd. (Australia)
Mary Walker No.


Notes Fluoresces under UV light.
These juicers may include mould numbers. This is a Type 1 juicer.
Known numbers for green glass: 2, 5, 6, 12,   (i.e. These are the different numbers that I have in my collection.)
Also see:Mould Numbers  
Available in a variety of colours: Including clear, green, flint, amber, pink
Also see:Crown Crystal Glass Co. Ltd. (Australia)
Available in a variety of sizes/weights: 
This juicer has a small reamer cone.
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Crown Crystal Glass uranium green glass juicer top