Carlton Ware Juicer


Description A Carlton Ware grapefruit segment plate with juicer top.
Material Porcelain
Diameter Reamer: 91 mm, Plate: 123 mm
Height Reamer: 53 mm
Maker Carlton Ware
Mary Walker No. Listed in supplement
Notes This is not necessarily a Carlton Ware pairing. The plate was sold prepackaged with a glass knife. Its original intention was most likely a marmalade plate.
The reasons for listing it are outlined below.
This was purchased as a pair - seems to match. I have three of this pairing, purchased both in Australia and England. It is listed in supplement of Mary Walker's book "And many More Reamers". However, these juicer tops, while consistent, are different to any other Carlton Ware juicer tops. See Old_Juicers_826.htm to see underside of a Carlton Ware juicer. The two short raised lines of of a Carlton Ware juicer hold the juicer in place.
I will compare the top with all other similar tops as soon as the collection comes out of storage.