Very rare Carlton Ware juicer
Description A rare large two piece yellow Carlton Ware 'Jaffa Lemon Squeezer' with matching yellow top. The top is not fluted. The jug is much larger than the usual Jaffa Lemon Squeezers.
Material Ceramic
Diameter Reamer: 11 cm Jug: 10 cm
Length Jug (pouring lip to handle): 14.5 cm
Maker Carlton Ware
Mary Walker No. Not listed
Notes The base of the juicer top has the typical two bars used by Carlton Ware to keep the top from turning when used.
  This juicer may be a trial or prototype piece. It is also possible that it is an earlier version of Carlton Ware juicers.

Update 1:
Another example of this juicer was listed on eBay (UK) early in 2016. It is listed as "Very rare exceptional piece". In all my years of collection I have only seen the two examples.
Update 2: Two of the juicer tops, which I bought, were listed on eBay (UK) in October 2017 which I bought.
Update 3: I have just purchased a complete juicer with top from New Zealand. This specimen being located in New Zealand means I have to re-evaluate my conclusions about this extremely uncommon Carlton Ware juicer. I have only ever seen four of them listed and I now have two of those, plus two additional tops. I am now thinking that it must predate the more common juicer listed in Carlton Ware 1930s wholesale catalogues as "Jaffa Lemon Squeezer, s/s Orange, Lemon or Green".

I bought this juicer on eBay in 2010. The seller had this to say (Cut and paste from email);
Dear juicercollector,
hi yes do have more info it belonged to my grandmother and think it was from her mothers house as she had alot of carltonware which i now have, most of which i believe came from a relative that worked for them for many years,so may not have been for general sale to the public most of my collection is from 1930s as far as i can tell which fits in with family history cant tell you the name of person who worked for them as now my mum is no longer with us cant ask but i think you have the only one ever made as i have a couple of other items no one has seen before so please look after it and enjoy as i have, had to sell some items very reluctantly to raise money for new hotel venture
- sjwalker64


Rare Carlton Ware juicer jug - Top view
Rare Carlton Ware juicer jug - Base
Rare Carlton Ware juicertop - Top view
Rare Carlton Ware juicer top - Bottom view showing 2 notches
Rare Carlton Ware juicer - showing size