Grapes on brown lemonade set ceramic juicer


Material Ceramic
Width Reamer: 83 mm, Jug: 105 mm, Tumblers: 75 mm
Length Reamer: 90 mm, Jug: 183 mm
Height Reamer: 52 mm, Jug: 165 mm, Combined: 202 mm, Tumblers: 100 mm
Weight Reamer: 101 g, Jug: 681 g, Combined: 782 g, Tumblers: 205 g
Maker Stamped "MADE IN JAPAN"
Mary Walker No.

P-11 colour variant. Note: The colour image labelled P-11 in the book is actually P-12.


The tumblers were available separately and as such, the jug/juicer is available without cups. I have seen a several sets that included both 4 and 8 tumblers as well as the more common 6 tumblers.
I have also seen a teapot (in the brown), sugar bowl (in the yellow) and a tea caddy (in the cream) with the same pattern.
There are several definite colour varieties. There are also many minor variations in colour.
Also see: Old Juicers 27.htm and Old Juicers 258.htm


Grapes on brown lemonade set ceramic reamer

Grapes on brown lemonade set ceramic juicer and tumblers

Lemonade sets collected July 2008 to June 2010