Grapes on yellow lemonade set ceramic juicer


Material Ceramic
Width Reamer = 92 mm, Jug =  190 mm, Tumblers = 75 mm
Depth Reamer = 100 mm, Jug =  83 mm, Tumblers = 75 mm
Height (Reamer = 57 mm + Jug =  168 mm) = 205 mm, Tumblers = 100 mm
Weight Reamer = 105 g, Jug > 600 g, Tumblers = 205 g
Maker Stamped "MADE IN JAPAN"
Mary Walker No.



The tumblers were available separately and as such, the jug/juicer is available without cups. I have seen a several sets that included both 4 and 8 tumblers as well as the more common 6 tumblers.
I have also seen a teapot (in the brown), sugar bowl (in the yellow) and a tea caddy (in the cream) with the same pattern.
There are several definite colour varieties. There are also many minor variations in colour.
Also see: Old Juicers 28.htm and Old Juicers 258.htm


Grapes on yellow lemonade set ceramic sugar bowl

Lemonade sets collected July 2008 to June 2010