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My site full of FREE mathematics WorkSheets
My site full of FREE mathematics WorkSheets. These sheets are copyright-free to educational users and are all prepared by a teacher with nearly 30 yeras experience.
There is no advertising or other annoying stuff.
Link to NRCA webpage
founded in 1980. Over 250 members in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada
This is a ZIP file which can be downloaded, extracted and then written to a CD that auto runs my mathematical materials
Vaseline Glass Collectors, Inc.
"Vaseline Glass Collectors, Inc., (VGCI), is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization incorporated in 1998 to educate and unify Vaseline Glass collectors everywhere!?"
Real or Repro

Your Online Source for Identifying Fakes and Reproductions from Ruby Lane
Real or Repro

Information about Australia's premier art famiily, including photos.
(Australia's premier art family)
Information, including photos, about artists Colin Parker, Colleen Parker, Adrian Parker and future artist, Ainslie Parker.

A web site with a very large number of images identifying the marks of Australian potters.

Books on the traditional art of Australian Aboriginals.
(Artist and Author)
Information, including photos,
about the artist and author, Adrian Parker.
Adrians books, including "Images In Ochre", are established acadmic references.



A study/information page on "original hand painted oil paintings" signed Burnett.

They are Chinese 'factory' art.

The People's Potteries

The People's Potteries

Dorothy Johnston's web with info on her books 'The People's Potteries' and 'More People's Potteries Stories'. Very useful reference books for the serious collector