Donald Duck juicer jug

This Donald Duck jug (pitcher) is white with yellow/tan feet and yellow/tan beak. The vest has gold buttons and bow tie. The top of the head is pale blue.
It is very unlikely that this was original paired with a reamer. See the notes below.

Material Ceramic
Height 159 mm
Mary Walker No. F-69
Notes The are a large number of colourways for this jug.
Top is missing on this juicer? Although, as a result of my research, I personally do not believe this was released/sold with a juicer top. While it is listed in Mary Walker's book "And Many More Reamers" the colour photograph shows the top to be a different shade of blue which would have been an unlikely possibility with Disney souvenirs. I have never seen one listed with a juicer in any other location especially not in Disney catalogues and reference books.. There is plenty of original listing for the stand alone pitcher.


Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck