Paignton Souvenir Beswick boat juicer

A yellow 1 piece ceramic juicer in the shape of boat.The top rail is painted black. Both sides of the boat have black painted anchors and portholes. One side of the bow is impressed with "LEMON" (no paint) and the other is painted "PAIGNTON". The inside and reamer are white and the reamer cone has 2 heights.

Material Ceramic -
Diameter 89 mm
Length 160 mm
Height 71 mm
Maker Beswick
Mary Walker No. See F-22
Notes The seed dam teeth are very long on this boat.
This design is attributed to Beswick (England) in "The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Beswick Pottery". See Old_Juicers_702.htm for base marked example.
Made in England
Souvenir from Paignton (UK). Hand painted "PAIGNTON"