2 piece blue head on blue lustre duck juicer

A 2 piece ceramic juicer in the shape of a duck. The body has a bluel lustre, black on yellow wings,red (a dirty red) feet and beak, blue head with a yellow knob on the head. The white reamer has red trim.

Material Ceramic -
Diameter Reamer: 80 mm, Jug (Wings): 82 mm
Height Reamer: 34 mm, Jug (Rim): 40 mm, Combined: 68 mm
Maker Japanese
Mary Walker No. F-12, Also see F-13, F-14, F-15, F-135
Notes Note the opalised finish to the body.
These duck juicers date back to at least as early as 1937. See:1937_Novelty_3.jpg