Black face juicer
Description A small 2 piece juicer in the shape of a Black Americana face. Black face, big red lips and gold ear rings. The reamer is black and white.
Material Ceramic
Diameter Reamer: 72 mm
Height Reamer: 38 mm, Jug: 50 mm, Combined: 83 mm
Weight Reamer: 52 g, Jug: 92 g, Combined: 143 g
Mary Walker No. F-40 colour variant (also different height)
Notes Impressed with British 'Foreign' mark and shape No. "4885"
This juicer may have (or not) been reproduced by the German Doll Co. (GDC) from 2001 onwards. The reproductions by GDC use original moulds and they are marked with the same marks as the originals.


Reamer for Black Americana 2 piece ceramic juicer

Printed British 'Foreign' base stamp

Impressed British 'Foreign' mark