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Description A two piece orange Carlton Ware 'Jaffa Lemon Squeezer' with matching yellow top.
Material China
Diameter Reamer: 98 mm, Jug (Rim): 78 mm
Length Jug: 118 mm (spout to handle tip)
Height Reamer: 55 mm, Jug: 54 mm, Combined: 105 mm
Weight Reamer: 109 g, Jug: 149 g, Combined: 258 g
Maker Carlton Ware. Base mark is shown below
Mary Walker No.



Listed in Carlton Ware wholesale catalogues as "Jaffa Lemon Squeezer, s/s Orange, Lemon or Green"
Jug size varies.
Colour varieties - See main colour varieties below (click to enlarge image)

Also see: Old Juicers 309.htm, Old Juicers 333.htm


3 colours of Carlton Ware base stamp

Carlton Ware base stamp