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A bowl type juicer in the shape of a chick or duck. The body is yellow with brown wings and beak. The eyes are black pupil at the front of a white sclera. The juice pours out the mouth.

Material Ceramic
Diameter 103 mm
Length 179 mm
Height 71 mm
Weight 274 g
Maker Superior Quality
Mary Walker No. F-81
Notes This design is attributed to Beswick (England) in "The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Beswick Pottery". It is only sketched and desribed as RARE.
However, there is a very similar made in Japan version. See Old_Juicers_824.htm for the Beswick duck . The details on the wings and tail are different and the Beswick duck has a squiggle from the head to the wings. The Beswick duck ahs a raised part on its head. The two different ducks are slightly different sizes.

Yellow with brown wings bird ceramic open jug juicer base mark