4" red hearts on face Goebel clown juicer

A 1 piece white with green trim ceramic clown juicer. The clown face is flesh coloured with red highlights including hearts on the cheeks. There is a flat loop handle opposite the pouring spout. The hat has drain holes.

Material Ceramic - Porcelain
Diameter 106 mm (≈4.2")
Length 141 mm
Height 78 mm (top of reamer)
Maker Goebel
Mary Walker No. C-3
Notes Printed "GERMANY" and bee over GW in black ink. Impressed "C" over "53" and bee over GW. There is also what appears to be the artist's signature.
This is listed in Mary walker's book as 4" and 5". This smaller version has a small loop handle with the swirls as part of the rim.

Base of white with orange trim Goebel saucer clown juicer
The base of a 4" red hearts on face Goebel clown juicer