Shelley 2 piece Maytime juicer

A pale pink on white base clown. The legs/feet is in three parts. The trim above the feet is pale pink and pale blue. The body has green buttons, red hands and red feet. The clown head top has a pale pink ruffle with red top band and yellow, green and white hat.

Material Ceramic
Width Reamer (Collar): 111 mm,
Height Complete: 181 mm (7⅛")
Maker Mikori Ware
Mary Walker No. C-39 (size variant)
Notes Made in Japan
See Clown Juicers to why I am listing what others may consider similar sized juicers. If I was approximating the size to the nearest ½" then this is a 7" example.
  The reamer top has been retored with many missing bits. Hpwever, I am sure I have another orphan top.

The basemark on a Shelley 2 piece Maytime juicer
The green Mikori Ware basemark on a clown juicer