Plain maroon Beswick boat juicer

A maroon 1 piece ceramic juicer in the shape of boat. Both sides of the boat have relief anchors and impressed portholes. The bow is impressed with "LEMON". The reamer cone has 2 heights.

Material Ceramic -
Diameter 91 mm
Length 158 mm
Height 71 mm
Maker Beswick
Mary Walker No. F-22 (Colour not listed)
Notes This design is alsoattributed to Beswick (England) in "The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Beswick Pottery". Listed as "Yacht Lemon Squeezer". It is verified by the base mark below. The catalogue dates it as 1938 - 1970, although other sources date the basemark to pre-1936. It is noteworthy that with the large number of these Beswick boat juicers I have and have seen, only the single colour specimens have a base mark. The mark
Made in England
This single colour, without black highlights, is unusual. All the impressed and relief decorations are there.

Base mark on plain maroon Beswick boat juicer
Base mark on plain maroon Beswick boat juicer