Ritter 'citro' squeezer
Description A small stainless steel juice squeezer. The small juicer is designed to squeeze a wedge of lemon. There is a metal pin hinge. There are pouring spouts on both sides and at the front. The top has a 2 rows of small circle indents, 4 and 6, and the back has alternating small and large indented lines. Note: The image on the box has an extra row of 2 circle indents.
Material Metal - Stainless steel

67 mm

Maker Ritter
Mary Walker No.

PM-2 (Grouped)


Inscribed on back "Ritter Citro Patent" over "Stainless steel 18/8" over "Made in W. Germany"


Inscription on Ritter 'citro' squeezer
Inscription on Ritter 'citro' squeezer
Ritter 'citro' squeezer Back of Ritter 'citro' squeezer
Front and back view of stainless steel Ritter 'citro' squeezer
Box for Ritter 'citro' squeezer
Box for Ritter 'citro' squeezer