E.P.N.S juicer


Material E.P.N.S. and Plastic (probably bakelite)
Diameter EPNS 8mm , Plastic 6mm
Diameter (Max.) EPNS 28mm , Plastic 11mm
Length EPNS 111mm , Plastic 112mm, Combined 126mm
Weight EPNS 15g + Plastic 6g = 21g
Maker Inscribed "E.P.N.S. MADE IN ENGLAND"
Mary Walker No.  
Notes This is inserted through the fruit (probably lemons at the dinner table) and the centre of the fruit is pushed out using the plastic insert. Then the fruit is squeezed to extract the juice.
I have another similar to this and I also have one made from Sterling Silver.

Parts of E.P.N.S juicer with bakelite rod

Marks on E.P.N.S juicer with bakelite rod