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A 2 piece ceramic juicer. The base has a thin lined orange on cream checkering. The opposing handle is solid. The base and the reamer are elongated circular structures.

Material Ceramic
Diameter Reamer: 87 mm, Jug: 79 mm
Length Reamer: 108 mm, Jug: 141 mm
Height Reamer: 50 mm, Jug: 55 mm, Joined: 897 mm
Maker Gray's Pottery (Decorator only) Made by Woods and Son
Mary Walker No. F-111 reproduction

The base mark on this juicer is of historical significance as this has two different basemarks. Gray's Pottery were known to 'finish' or decorate blanks from other manufacturesrs including Woods and Son. It has the Gray's Pottery marked stamped over the Woods Ivory Ware base mark.


Reamer for Gray's Pottery checked juicer

Bottom of Gray's Pottery checked juicer

Double base marked on Gray's Pottery checked juicer