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A two piece white porcelain juicer. The jug is decorated with a band of lemons, leaves joined by branches. The jug has a green band around the base and a green handle. The round reamer has green trim.

Material Ceramic - Porcelain
Diameter Reamer: 91 mm, Jug: 84 mm
Height Reamer: 48 mm, Jug: 40 mm, Joined: 83 mm
Weight Reamer: 135 g, Jug: 129 g, Joined: 264 g
Maker Gustav M. Thurnauer and Brother
Mary Walker No. E-67
Notes I believe this is an original pairing as this jug can be found with different tops.
This specimen has a hand written "3438" while others I have seen several other hand written "2881", "2882", "2887" etc. The numbers are not singular. This would suggest the hand written numbers simply notes the different reamers (tops) although it could be the artist. All the jugs appear to be impressed "427"
This mark was used between 1887 and 1914. While this appears more modern it probably dates to that era.
Made in Germany

G.M.Th. & Bro. juicer with green trim reamer

Base on G.M.Th. & Bro. juicer with green trim reamer