Pink satin U.S.Glass Co. juicer with crickets
Description A 2 piece pink glass juicer. The jug has a satin finish and is decorated with handpainted crickets. The reamer is transparent pink and has rectangular drain holes.
Material Glass - Pink
Diameter Reamer: 105 mm, Jug(Rim): 120 mm
Height Reamer: 63 mm, Jug: 84 mm, Combined: 122 mm
Weight Reamer: 213 g, Jug: 565 g, Combined: 778 g
Maker U.S.Glass Company
Mary Walker No. N-116, Jug H

Under N-116 there are 3 hole types listed;
1. Oval holes
2. Round holes (definite circle type)
3. Rectangle holes (which are long narrow slits)
This one has definite rectangles. The holes open up larger on the bottom.



Pink satin U.S.Glass Co. juicer showing crickets

Pink U.S.Glass Co. reamer