Embossed base clear glass 2 piece juicer
Material Glass - Clear
Diameter Reamer: 99 mm, Jug: 90 mm
Height Reamer: 51 mm, Jug: 43 mm, Combined: 83 mm
Weight Reamer: 138 g, Jug: 203 g, Combined: 342 g
Maker Unknown
Mary Walker No. N- 158
Notes Compare with Old_Juicers_659.htm. While I don't recall seeing this embossed jug before I will check the jug on older listing to see if it is also embossed.
The jug is embossed with symbols or script that I cannot interpret.
This is a right handed jug.


Embossed base clear glass 2 piece reamer

Unusual script embossed maker's mark on clear glass 2 piece