White clown with mauve and blue vest juicer
Material Ceramic
Diameter Reamer: 82 mm ( by 75 mm, oval)
Height Reamer: 60 mm, Jug: 68 mm, Combined: 120 mm
Weight Reamer: 86 g, Jug: 181 g, Combined: 267 g
Mary Walker No. Size not listed. See C-12
Notes Made in Japan.
Head size appears smaller than the listing in Mary Walker's book. However, unlike the juicer listed in the book the head colours are an exact matck with the vest colours in my listed example.
It is reasonable to accept that there would have been a lot of mixing and matching of parts both in the factory and end suppliers when these juicers were originally available and most combinations should be acceptable for collecting.


White clown with mauve and blue vest reamer