Shelley Pansy Chintz juicer

A 2 piece juicer with offset handle. The juicer is decorated with the chintz Blue Pansy pattern with blue flowers andsmall leaves.

Material Ceramic
Diameter Reamer: 91 mm, Jug: 85 mm
Height Reamer: 48 mm, Jug: 37 mm, Combined: 81 mm
Weight Reamer: 118 g, Jug: 110 g, Combined: 228 g
Maker Shelley
Mary Walker No. E-109
Notes Blue Pansy Chintz pattern No. 8871 (8831).
Made in England
The base stamp was used between 1925 and 1945.
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Shelley Pansy Chintz juicer reamer

Shelley Pansy Chintz juicer  side view

 side view base mark