Yellow Diana jug juicer
Material Ceramic
Width Reamer: 87 mm, Jug: 78 mm, Tumbler: 70 mm
Length Reamer: 98 mm, Jug: 155 mm
Height Reamer: 53 mm, Jug(Rim): 130 mm, Combined: 170 mm, Tumbler: 82 mm
Weight Reamer: 107 g, Jug: 361 g, Combined: 469 g
Maker Diana (Australia)
Mary Walker No. Not listed
Notes U78 is impressed into the base of the jug and U77 is impressed into the base of the tumbler.


Pastel yellow Diana (Australia) reamer

Pastel yellow Diana (Australia) jug showing U78

Pastel yellow Diana (Australia) juicer and tumbler

Pastel yellow Diana (Australia) tumbler showing U77