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A cobalt blue glass juicer. A limited edition of 5000 in 1993 commemorating 100 years of Sunkist. This is 4984/5000

Material Glass - Cobalt blue
Diameter 152 mm
Length 200 mm
Height 87 mm
Weight 880g
Maker Mosser Glass
Mary Walker No. See N-332 and N-333
Notes Embossed bowl bottom "SUNKIST" and "1893 - 1983".
Embossed front and back in large upper case letters "SUNKIST"
See Old_Juicers_2035.htm for original juicer.
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Top view of 100 SUNKIST YEARS juicer

Cover of 100 SUNKIST YEARS bookletPage 1 of 100 SUNKIST YEARS bookletPage 2 of 100 SUNKIST YEARS booklet

Inscribed limited edition no. on 100 SUNKIST YEARS juicer

Box for 100 SUNKIST YEARS juicer