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Material Glass - Amber
Diameter Reamer: 98 mm, Jug: 90 mm
Length Jug: 120 mm
Height Complete: 83 mm (3¼")
Weight Reamer: 156 g, Jug: 201 g, Complete: 357 g
Maker Davidson Glass (I have seen original advertising suggesting this is the manufacturer)
Mary Walker No. N-161
Notes Appears to be a complete example of N-161 as per the colour plate image. The pointed aspects of the two pieces confirm the match.
NOTE: Extended pouring base of juicer top, 4 slots through the juicer top,quadrant points on the juicer top and 'thumb grip' on the handle on the jug.
See identifying images below.


Side view of juicer topTop view of juicer topBottom view of juicer top

Top view of juicer jug