Pale green clown juicer

A 2 piece cream on white clown juicer. The legs/feet is in two parts. The trim above the feet is cream. The body has orange buttons, blue hands and blue feet. The clown head top has a cream ruffle with red trim and orange, blue and white hat.

Material Ceramic
Diameter Collar: 97 mm collar
Height Head: 87 mm, Jug: 74 mm, Complete: 155 mm (6⅛" » 6")
Maker Japan
Mary Walker No. C-43 ?
Notes Incised and printed markings on base
While this appears to be similar to Old_Juicers_1334.htm they have different basemarks and measurements. Eg. The height differs by ¼".
The height varies from listings. I wonder if different sized heads were place on different sized bodies to create various sizes. I will be sure to measure all bodies and heads in the future.

Incised markings on base on pale green clown juicer