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A 2 piece juicer with two handles and offset pouring spout. The beige coloured juicer is decorated with "BABY'S ORANGE" with a black and a yellow decoration

Material Ceramic
Diameter Reamer: 80 mm, Jug: 75 mm
Height Reamer: 52 mm, Jug: 74 mm, Combined: 117 mm
Weight Reamer: 76 g, Jug: 120 g, Combined: 196 g
Maker G W CO.
Mary Walker No. B-8
Notes Base mark has "G W CO." in a triangle and "MADE IN JAPAN"
It is reasonable to assume that G. W. Co. NY is an importer. This is based on;
* I have seen this basemark on enamelled steel including children's chamber pots.
* The same base mark can be found with "Germany". See Old_Juicers_913.htm

Base Tall BABY"S ORANGE juicer