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Material Glass - Green
Diameter Reamer: 125 mm, Jug(Rim): mm
Height Reamer: mm, Jug(Rim): mm, Combined: mm
Weight Reamer: g, Jug(Rim): g, Combined: g
Maker Not known
Mary Walker No. Not listed
Retail price  AU$44.00 ( I have seen this retailing for AU$33.00). It should retail for $6 - $9
Date 2006

I was told when I bought this juicer that it was Made in India (although it may be Chinese) for the Australian market etc. indicated by the measurements being a 20 ounce pint. Additionally the similar juicers for the American market have tab handles on the top.
The top does not have a tab handle.

Many colour varieties. I have seen pink. I now have a clear glass top which I will verify when I can (as of 2015). See Old_Juicers_1904.htm