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The following reseach on juicers was completed by me unless otherwise stated.
Comments and information listed below is result of research. This includes results from my study of my collection as well as observation of listings by others. If information is obtained from other sources I wil attempt to reference the original source and if material is directly it will be with the permission of the original author..
If you have other information then feel free to contact me.


Advertsements and publications containg juicers
Scans of original advertising etc., from magazines that show juicers.
A range of original advertisements
Scans of original advertising, individual pages from retail and wholesale catalogues that show juicers.
Mail Order Catalogues
Scans of original pages from various Mail Order Cataloque(s) that show juicers.
Fowler's Juicer
Scans of original pages from Fowler's instruction book(s) plus other advertisements that show the Fowler - Vacola juicers.
Incidental images in cookbooks
Scans of original pages from cook books that show juicers.